that what this one is about.

There are people when you are walking on the streets,

at the public transport, when you go to buy something.. they are everywhere.

7,4 billions on the planet. Gaining 150 per minute.


I like that every human has the same needs.

I like the vibes of a true ment lought or feel the crowd dancing in a club or outdoor.

There is much beauty inside of everyone, i know that.


What I descibe sad is the way some are, even then it`s not all the time, but what i meen is when people behave unnaturally.

I watched this close and is figured out why this is happening.

It starts when children beginn to be interested showing their own person through material goods. Also through the group dynamic that someone is in or outside the group if the person is not behaving this or that way. So like everytime a (young) human behaves against his own nature, it gets harder to get back to it.

I meen sure, if i dont know my nature, i can`t behave naturally. But everybody did at some point. (Question: who am i naturally?)

And in the age between 10 and 14 the human body and brain changes so drastic, it`s easy to get confused about the world and oneself.

So this is how it started for example with myself. I was young and the overload of informations was just to much for me to handle and stay focused on my own nature.

Nowdays i am feeling and acting naturally, sometimes its still challengeing but its feeling well.

Most of the time I just watch people, everybody is so often on their way from A to B.

I realized that if I have time on my ways, i beginn to see the little wonders, like the plants between the Beton or the reflections of the windows in the sunlight. Or the raindrops creating wonderfull circels around the impact.

I love humans who know that they are creating the world, because everybody does.

We are no victims, there are no culprits, we create.

And guilt is also an illusion, there is only responsibility.

So when I speak I create, when I pay attention it`s me who does that. And for every word I take responsibility.

What is normal for most people in the western civilisation, like having clean water, a bed, food and shower. Beeing thankfull for that, i know it aint easy all the time. But than I think about children in africa having none of that. Than i feel so rich.

Beeing rich is not to have a lot of money, it`s about knowing the value of the moment.

And even if iIhaven´t been there I can imagine it, and saw it on the screen.

So why complain when you have all that….


…Okay I know, the economy sucks, workinglife can be really hard and private life too.

I let the people be their way. And what I do is watch mine.

I respect every philosopy because every human is a product of what happened to him.


To get along is not always easy, but if you try you will be rewarded with knowledge.

And knowledge is power.

Maybe the power to change.

Staying in old patterns of behaveing is easy, it won`t bring new horizons.

Change can be easy, when you are open for it.

I am open to go ways I don`t know. You too?


Love is still the answer



JamesFool 2016/08




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