a feeling

Train from Vienna to countryside,

I love peace and stop to fight.

Stations pass and fields and trees,

prognostication to the humble bees.


Work and love and dance and skate,

lights keep me glance till the early morning.


Will there ever be a rainbow after sunset?


When at night the city sleeps,

I see me shine so clear and bright.

A kiss in flames that cures the pain of the past.

Pudding-knees , aim to the future,

live in the now, the moment passed.

So this was my landing in this world.

This world that killed me,

words that fullfill me,

words that drill me.

My name ain’t my I.D get to know the real me.


Groove to the jazz,

beats to the mic.

passing the river,

and leaving the city behind,

after weeks there my mind beginns to grind,

thats one of the reasons why I fancy the countryside.


JamesFool 2016 /08


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