Soulgrammar 3

So what is danger?

I feel that it is something where we feel that our existence is feeling that something very unpleasant is likely to happen. Or the possibility of dying or to get hurt.

So also if I consider myself as a danger, I say that I can hurt you, make you feel unpleasant or kill you.

Where does it come from?

So now there are many options to start with. For example there is the danger that comes from a system (e.g. capitalism, or dictatorship). But there is also the individual danger, going out from a person, that has to do with self-value, influences and of cause the situation. So if I sit next to a bank robber, police waiting outside, and the robber is armed and has no family or close friends, than the situation is pretty explosive. It’s likely that the armed person next to me is also struggling with oneself because no family and friends are not really boosting your self-esteem.

You see?

So right on the day this was written the system of Capital is going to its last years, or decades. The problem is not even the system itself. It’s about the people who profit and do not share the profit. So sharing is caring and it’s pretty clear that people who have a lot of money are the least free because of “what they own”. Like if they were chained to there “belongings”.

Why do I use “this”, because I think that I own nothing than my body. The things i need are used by me and I have the right no use what I need. I need my clothing, I need my computer, I need food.

Planet earth hast plenty of water, land and sunlight. Our Mother is made to feed all the individuals.

The danger about greed and jealousy is simple: not everybody is able to live a life according to the human rights, and it’s likely that the brainwashed media that most of the people consume is not going to change that.

So danger can also be compared with lack of knowledge. And knowledge is also to be seen as power. I try to be an understanding person. I try to be as kind to others as I like them being kind to me.

Always remember that there many many people on earth and that you are important, as important as any other person. Not more not less. So fuck it what other people say about your behaviour if you try to do your best and keep balance.

To much bullshit, to much judgement. No one has the right to judge you. I like to compare people with books, when you see them you see their cover, maybe a little text. But you don’t see the full story. To judge means, not to respect a story, and I know that you like others to respect your story.

We are all products of our history, self-reflection makes you understand the reasons and what they do to you. The key to a life of joy and fun is self-reflection. I went through a lot of trouble, I struggled a lot, trust me with this. I am 21 and since my grandma died with one of her last sentences “I did everything wrong”, I made it my goal to do everything right. To be the best me that can be. Because if I die I`d like to say “I did the best I could do”.

So I know one day I will die. And as long as I am present I will do the best I can to understand, share what i understood and life in the community, with the goal to be a human, to make it better.

I do it for me, and to be proud of myself.

Interesting where this question “what is danger lead me”.

Ask and be brave.

JamesFool 2016




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