I know I need it to be balanced,

sometimes it bores me,

but also it fascinates me.

Every situation is so unique,

every person is unique.

And even if it seems like situations are coming again,

they seem similar but are never the same.

It’s because humans create patterns to make life easier.

I think every pattern needs the freedom to see the difference,

Freedom to see the change and how you feel in the situation.

When I work, maybe you know this; there is a modus, the autopilot.

So every autopilot should have a switch for the difference of the situation.

This work mode is a bit brainless, but if I stay open to the situation and do not close it like “I already know this” than there will always be something new.

And we all need that new that fresh that unknown, without it life gets boring.

So this is a challenge, and you can apply it always not only at work.

I will do it to experience life as a story with twist and turns where you don’t know what’s behind the next corner. Because it’s getting boring if I stay narrow-minded with the patterns that are created. They make everything a habit.

I sometimes imagine someone else being in my situation, that makes the view open and the focus different. Like an African child, or a seal, or a journalist……

Keep it open



JamesFool 2016




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