Postulate about the energy of consciousness

There is heat-energy,

there is light-energy,

and there is consciousness-energy.

How it works

If you look at an object, and focus on it than is likely that you also focus the consciousness that you carry inside you towards the object. The particles change behaviour when consciousness is directed on them. I read this in several reports, you can look here for one of them.

It´s clear, every being has a different minting, a different past, so the consciousness is very likely to be different for every individual. That’s personal consciousness.

There is also something like a Wi-Fi network, the collective-consciousness. So in general in a particular field, e.g. a valley or in a city the consciousness is various. But then there is the Planet with mountains or oceans or deserts. Consciousness fields by nature, loaded with attention that was paid, or not. Thats why a untouched landscape makes us wonder.

It has to do with the understanding of boundary’s that a person sets through thinking . A consciousness-boundary can be a flat, or even a room in a house, it can be many forms and is to discover.

This is one type of boundary the geologic boundary of consciousness.

One can also work with consciousness, this has to do with understanding general problems and overcoming them. The evolution of the mind.

For example if someone is racist, than the person has not understood that skin-color or ethnos do not make a difference of how to understand humans as a race that needs to be loved and treated like you like to be treated. Because of our roots values are focused different. Other examples can be derived.

It is possible that there will be detectors who are able to extract different information out of the projected consciousness. Also out of the cloud-consciousness. -> one Example

But what is it?

It is electromagnetic, smaller than gamma.

It is everything created by humans. Through try and error and incidents. It is something every person is carrying inside her/his very self. From the first Flintstones used to create fire, to the understanding of electricity. It`s all there, some doors are hidden like you can picture it with memories, some fields are highlighted and evolving continuously.

Your consciousness is the strongest if mind and thought are in the present at the place and time where you are. Right here right now, so to say.

Here is a rough example to understand a variety.

A Person who served under the Nazi regime, who`s consciousness is about race, class and execute orders. [a example for low frequency, limiting the mind in motion]

Someone who marched back than in France when it was all about “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité”.[This words are examples for high frequency consciousness. Expanding the mind, a human-friendly way.]

So there is a light bulb which is creating light, consciousness is the energy source.

Through low-frequency consciousness the light bulb gets some light, by far not as bright as the high-frequency-consciousness. Just to create this understanding image. And in addition the types of consciousness can’t be compared, like persons they are individual.


Consciousness-energy changes: how a person looks and feels about a topic or an object. How someone acts, and treats the environment. It creates a wide spectrum of different attention. Depending on focus and thinking patterns. It’s very important in every conversation and can be experienced through self-reflection, obervation, changeing perspective, experience.

For example: If a doctor tells a patient that he has a disease, and the patient is focused on the positive it will be very likely that the healing methods will be sensed stronger.

Thinking patterns can be very strong and limited. What limits your mind? There are  belief-systems and stereotypes that can limit the conscious life if you are not aware of them.

For example the culprit – victim relation that is an illusion, the truth is every person is a creator.

Consciousness is the creation of the reality trough the realization that what made an individual be what it is at the moment affects the particles behavior. (Your pasts makes you who you are) Particles can be a body or a painting. “I am aware what is, and that the reflection of what happened and influenced me has an effect on me. (As much as it is possible for me at the moment)

The (self-)reflection of the experience changes how you see constellations and happenings and make you come out of them with a different understanding. (Different questions)

A person redefined consciousness when the process of freeing the self from limiting constructions and illusions is over.

A person that did this is also called enlighten, or awaken.

When you look at a painting, and then the next person looks at it, the painting changed, still the same but different. When you read this on a screen, than you read about consciousness, on material made consciousness.

Material is the product of consciousness. Everything you see, human-made, went from inside to outside to fullfill needs. And it’s a core need to create. A evolving stream of creation in the mind and also materialistic.

I personally like this topic because science and spiritual fields can help each other with achieving new insights. I know that I know nothing. Let’s work together.

Thank you for the attention ; )

Please adress questions and feedback if you like.

James Fool 2016


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