Set you free

Large scale society role models create a limited view on the world.

If you always see you e.g. as a mother or father you limit your mind.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a worker, a brother, a child, a reader, a doctor or a african-human. The society around us created role-models long before you were born. If the individual is not rethinking them  open minded then, in your consciousness, you limit yourself if you see you in one of them.

The role that has endless freedom in it is the artist.

The artist creates and is free to do so. Not only paintings, but words and situations and so the whole life. Sometimes it’s  necessary to remind you about the fact that you are one of over 7 billion humans. Everybody is facing similar problems, depending on the conscious life. Humans in general need the same, that makes us a unit. Every person has a unique way of understanding and growing, and our needs make us be human.

Now. Limited role-models are like a farmer that never questions anything and just workers and sleeps and eats.. But then one day the farmer wins a space travel. So he goes, the first time in his life, out of the village and to a big city. Then he travels to the moon. Suddenly the horizon is wider, open. Everything is different for the farmer.

(this is just an example to paint a picture)

The same with beginning to question role-models, and values. A fifferent P.O.V can help.

What is important for you? What is fictional and maybe influenced by society. Do you really need this shirt even though there are already 35 shirts in the cupboard. Is it necessary to go shopping again and again and again? Original needs and made needs.

I am an artist, but first of all I see myself as a human being.

So are role models necessary at all?

Human life is much more than one square it can shape in any form, in many dimensions. Your limit is your mind, I dont think your mind is one square. More like water, or Air, or space.

So when doing this process, you create your own definition of a role model, your rolemodel. Your norm, your style of seeing the world. Your point of view.

Redefine who you are, redefine what other are to you. You will see the world in its true nature, and that is the greatest gift of all.

James Fool 2016


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