Utopia Intro

This is a thought experiment.

Imagine you created little figures that can behave independently. Like in a game, figures that stand on this game board. Now these little figures shift shape and become something more complex. You always watch from above and they can not reach you with their hands.
And too you gave them creatures power to create. You made them according to your own image of the self.

In the game there is every material you can imagine, you also created the materials of cause. There is no limit, there can be solid objects out of light or wood that the beings can eat.

The living body’s are in the material world, but inside them you created a spirit to make it more fun. So there is also the spiritual world that makes the figures in the game able to feel. Otherwise the would be like robots.

Because it is a game there are also rules.


Fundemental needs.

Birth, Death

the freedom to choose and the very now.

Every created being is unique and is able to make what, for the them, seems the fitting act to do. You created them so every one is individual.

When they find themselves in a situation where there is something they need, the figures get creative and make something according to the needs.

After some time many things exist, and others of them just have to get things and use them.

That is a product of the evolution of the creation in the game.

Some beings call themselves artists, they are a source of creative force, they have the task to create and inspire others. But in fact every figure creates the very moment with how it acts, what it’s concentrated on, what’s expected, how it respects and tolerate other beings.

So you see, this figures are humans, that’s the name they gave themselves.

The players in the game began to record their history and science in every direction started to explain the cosmos.

As language evolved back in the Stoneage, till today, humans created words to explain. Created through them the words became full of meaning.

And why?

Because it is humans need to explain the world.It made life easier and caused on that, the evolution went on faster.

Humans settled, formed villages, created agriculture and specified on topics like iron, wood farming, or dealing with problems which occured from time to time.

Today the specification is very high in the game of creation.

Politicians should be the group, who manage the needs and problems of the populations that they are a part of. But through the industrial revolution and most important the money system, the producing, that are farmers and workers are suppressed by the ones who invented the money system.

The producing still are the driving force behind the system. Without them, lawyers, shareholders and multibillionaires would, simply said, die like fly’s in a spider’s web.

I see it is necessary to live with an object that has a certain value so that we do not only have to swap. The beings in the game of creation need that object to simplify existence.

But what is this object?

Let’s call it 1 or 2, or 9. You see it’s a number and the value of the number counts.

The banking system exists only because it protects your amount of numbers from theft. The only reason why the value of the currency exists, is to exchange goods and services. So that everybody is able to fulfill their needs in the society.

I am a human-being like you, many of the problems in this world exist because of the money-system. The currency-system changes, and then every human will be able to be proud of being in this society that I describe.


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