Humanisms 2.0

I am someone who knows nothing.

What even is something?

What will be tomorrow?

What can you predict?

I will die, that’s for sure, maybe when I’m 67 or maybe in 2 weeks.

What can I then say about the life I’ve lived?

Nothing here on earth makes more sence than enjoying yourself. I hope humanity will learn to enjoy what is. All this want for more leads to the miners in India or South Africa. Do you really want that? Than keep on going .

So called “first wold countries” are built of the back of mother nature and let’s say half of the human population.

It’s possible to realize that you can be the change you like to see.

And how?

Look behind the scene, do you really need what you buy. Are you a consumer or a habitat of this planet. We, together as the population have much more power than politics can ever hold. We will learn to see what connects us rather than what separates us from each other.

It`s about the mindset behind daily life.

Paradise is possible, every damn thing is there. All the technology needed is available. Cars running with water? No problem. Solarpower? Yes its existing. We can even built a fucking powerplant that creates clean energy for whole Europe, for example. There are endless possibilities, but no we use oil and coal and eat from the toxic grounds full of poison.

Keep on going like this humanity and your children will die like fly’s in a spider’s web.

Yes, all of you, especially the people with enough money to control what is in newspapers or TV. The ones who own a dozen’s of company’s, its getting narrow for you. You will be responsible the most and you know it and feel it more every day.
I am a inhabitant of this planet, we are all just fragile humans who try live a life worth living. Let’s make this planet a vulnerable home for every human. Not just humans who try to fill their hearts with gold and starving emotional under the pile of it.

You poor being’s.
Love and respect to all of you who try to be a vulnerable example of human nature.

James Fool


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