Source of information

Most of the people…

Some people..

how can someone say that.

does a person trusts the feeling?

When telling that e.g. “Most people are confused because the media try’s to create an illusion.”

Do you know about people from Africa, what they think about the world?

Do you know about people from India and what they truly stand for?

The Internet has a great field that makes it possible to get a sence of understanding.

But then again, the aticles that you read were written by a human, and everybody lives subjective. So only if the articles are objective and show the sources of information, only in that case the information is valid.

There are too many articles who are no true journalism.

But why?

I think the pressure what has to be written inside newspaper agencys is enorm.

There is much information that is not allowed to be published to the public, thats the reason why there are secret agencys.

They cover up, the mute, they clean up what is not allowed to be seen.

But who really has the right to choose what is allowed to be seen?

I think nobody has the right.

So basically in a universal way of understanding the world, the cover up strategy has no right to exist. All people are allowed to know the truth about what is going on, right now in this world.

Love, James Fool


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