Grace of a race

What if everybody realizes that we are one.


Like every person basically has the same needs.

You and me we are human.

Me and you we were born, we life right now, and we will die.


As humans we like to eat, drink, talk… with others, that makes us feel alive.

A culture that make us humans shine and nourishes our spirit is based on understanding, tolerance and curiosity about life itself. Not only the respect to each other as human beings, but also in perspective to nature and the resources given. Everybody has space to be with oneself, school is all about what the individual interests, so that the natural curiosity can be supported. Since there are so many of us on this planet it will be very important to open many academy’s to make it possible for everybody to study. From science of politics to fine arts. This range of offers to the civilisation will make us see to what we are capable as a race.

This is the vision to lead the world and al its citizens were it/they belong to.

After the destruction of the old governments and ruling the question will be “whats next?”This vision is the goal of all the ways that are after this question. It’s the direction of building up the generous civilisation that is ment to be.

This is for all of you.


Love, James Fool




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