Hope dies last myself heard in my lifetime.

But hope does not die.

Hope is a feeling and feeling can be felt or not.

So if you do not feel hope, it is out of your reach, but alive.


The moment you self find a being that makes you reach hope again you feel it.

It`s the same with every feeling.

If you are sad about what is happening on this planet than there are people responsible for the actions that are. It’s not about blame it’s about responsibility of action.

What can you do to feel that you do the best, and be realistic about this.

For example you buy second-hand clothing, eat fair trade, etc.

The people who plan actions, the one “behind the scenes” these individuals are responsible.

With every day change happens, no matter if it’s displayed on TV or News, it happens there is no doubt.

All the trying, trying to “save” the system is like holding water with bare hand, it fails and that is clear to see. Look behind the scenes 😉

Love, James Fool



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