People act, later they look back and see what they have done. Some do not look back, but often the reflection of the past makes one understand self and others.

Men are often unable to deal with their emotional life. That is a problem. How should a man lead a big company or love someone else, not being able to deal with his own emotions? You see, and that causes destructions of the surrounding environment.

Nowadays I started to realize, many people act and are not aware of what they do to others. So this creates frustration, anger, pain, even death..Often uncomfortable situations. And of cause one realizes that because of one’s own backround. Because talking about it, yes facing the feelings with the help of others. Humans nature is to understand.

There are always reasons, for example a tough childhood or distrust to oneself. Today one person realized that a person hurts so many because one is/was not able to deal with oneself. And the next person will realize it, and the next and the next.

Then there comes the point where one sees all what one has done. Damn that’s some pain and anger. One made her cry, him heartbroken or oneself blind to the truth when a death could be prevented.

So fist of all, to take the responsibility of the actions. Not to take it to heavy, done is done.

When one is in this process, than that’s some progress, one could also not do it.

It’s so important to forgive oneself, is there a reason not to do it?

When one forgives oneself it`s possible to move on. Ask for forgiveness, and show others what you realized. Show them what you feel and explain and be sorry if you are.

Would you forgive you if you where someone else?

The author of this texts thinks everyone deserves a second chance if one proofs progress in action and reaction on a daily basis.

You are always wiser afterwards.

Love, James Fool


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