young man

what does it mean to life today and be a young man?

this questions is asked because every day the old man die, and the young push ahead.

There are times when a generation shift takes place, and this time is right now. The values are embodied by those who step in the game and demand their place.

For me it means to set straight what is okay. okay to, okay to tolerate, and okay to deny. My experience was that there are people who try to control you. That’s something I deny. There are different ways of understanding, different backgrounds, different views on topics, different humans, and no thing can be compared to one other. No experience can be compared, the experience can make you understand. And with understanding what you been trough, you are able to show this to other persons. Humans need to be understood, and by getting a true understanding, you are able to do that.

You can create this feeling when you reflect on your actions and bring the consciousness to your life that you gained in the process. And through your actions to different humans. That’s the circle that makes humans grow till they die.

For me: To be a young man means to constantly reflect. It means to tolerate the life of others as long as it means no problem for you. To look inside one. Its means to be open to learn, to make compromises. But also to enjoy the moment, to be present and try to see through the game.

I experienced that old people are not those of old age but those of old hearts. People who look at the past, say that things have been better, who compare, who hate, who do not respect life of others.

This way is not the way of the young man, it is something completely different and is fading out. The young man step in the game and the new open+minded way, free of judgement, full of self-reflection, deep understanding and love is born.


Young man, young men, young individuals who get independent step into the game and the vibe shifts. Through the creations, through the actions and words the course of the story changes.

Love is the way, peace is the goal.


JamesFool for ever



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