imagine someone comes to earth, experiencing time.

a baby is born to life and die.

That is you.

Different point of views on life.

One is you do till you die, One is you life till your days are gone, One is you learn to grow from situation to situation, one is you reproduce so that your family live on.

Since humans have the ability to understand that certain food or environment is healthy or pro-life. Since science discovered what makes humans happy, what we basically need, what we try to avoid, and so on…

So we life our lives on a subjective level not knowing what happens next.

Governments try to calculate and interpret information’s so that the populations can be fed “as they like”.

These days more and more people realize that it’s not about what you have. They realize that even if one is a billionaire, the empty feeling can’t be filled with money or goods.

You are one person, going one step after the other, not curtain what might happen next, but that you don’t know what happens next is surtain. So certainty exists.

Sometimes its frustrating, like if you can’t get what you need. But why?

Maybe it’s because you think you need it to be happy, and so if you don’t do it or have it you are not.

But now comes the turn because there are millions, or even billions of people who’d like to life different. (clean water, healthy food, work, electricity, finances)

I am not a person who blames anyone, but a person who is able to see responsibility.

The situation you are in today is a product of actions of our parents, grandparents…..

But YOU are here today, so please use your time to make the world a place you don’t like to leave.


James Fool 2017


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