The world, a conclusion.

the world, a conclusion:


There are 3 parties to make this quick.

The left, the right and the who own the capital.

They all try to defend their ideal world. / [or to construct it]

Here is space left because it’s guessed that you can see what kind of ideal worlds are ment.




All are equal in the world of today, all are human like you.

Everyone has his background, everyone likes to be a part of something. Humans are imperfect, but despite all circumstances, it’s not a right to judge someone or stand above another person. Everyone is different!

Being different is a strength and a weakness.

There is a possibility, is a way for humanity to be happy,to be peaceful, get rid of wars and phobia.

It’s a chance humanity has, the chance to unite.



What is this about?

  • If you have no work, you have no money, and no money…  you understand what no money means…
  • Robots take jobs from humans and poverty increases. The gap that money makes.
  • Wars make people flee from their home-country’s, other country’s need to care for them.
  • The system says: “you can choose, you are free”- “but only if you work and be quiet”
  • the people say: “our right is to have the chance to fulfill our needs”


So what is this about?!        [☮]

This text is able make you understand what the fall of the weak capital orientated system brings to humanity.

  • It will be change,
  • it will be fight,
  • but what do we all have in common?

It our needs: to sleep, eat, socialize…..

And this is what everyone needs to focus on!

[2017]This time is in between, it’s the time were a lot of new and important ideas are born and old ideas die .

And once the system is about the people, because that’s who we are, the world will enter a new era.


Sure you can say this is nothing but air, this is “only” imagination. But think about it, every invention started with someone imagine it. Today life with inventions is “given”, but they are all materialized imaginations.


Now, leading to a system based and focused on fulfilling human needs.




[work in progress]


/////// JF 17

[of cause there are people who do not see them as left or right, it’s a simplified version to keep the article short, this is not to be seen as  a dogma]


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