a mouse is not a cat

home is where…

…i feel that we share a world.

…i feel save

…i see that you understand me

… love and trust

… nature and sunshine


… you don’t need to talk to be ok.


In pain the game reveals itself and the what beauty tried to cover, and what twisted words and running away had once hidden is visible to see.

Unconditional love is the one I seek, the love without the need to be supported as a human being. Sure lovers rest, but standing alone means to be able to let others be as free as a bird.

My intentions are pure and my priorities clear, the future is without you, once i called you my dear. I don’t share your values, i dont share your view, i understand you but i can’t life with you because i grow every day and i wont let me be caged.

Manipulation is a strong word and the ground of it is lack of self-confidence. Manipulation is against me, is against my world, is against any world, and even against the one who does it.

Because the one who manipulates hurts his own heart, steps away from the source of life.

No risk no fun i said once,

i said once.

and so i return to my home.

May the stars make you see.







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