A sunny day in Vienna near the danube.

People leave their homes to enjoy nature.

I am sitting on the grass, nearby a woman running towards two boys, only in her panties no bra. Her breasts are bouncing and she smiles at them, asking for a cigarette.

Freedom, to do this.

No being ashamed, embracing the nature of her existence.

Being naked does not mean sexuality.

Many of our ancestors were naked, or in other words in the uncovered figure of their existence. And this means much. Because it is no taboo to show your skin no matter which part of your body.

It is like a picture that was given to you that you hide with your clothes.

I’m not saying that everyone should be naked, but naturally it is normal like breathing or eating. Our skin sets the boundary to the world, clothes hide these natural element of the human existence.

Skin means: I am soft you can hurt me.

I am alive, I am flesh.

We are the same, we come from earth.

I feel my environment.

But clothes do not hide one from the environment, they keep you away from showing you your imperfection.

And only very few have a symmetric body.

I really like fashion that allows imperfection, and i like skin.

Not because it is sexual in first place, because it shows me that you are alive, and not a grey t-shirt and black trousers.

Also, many cultures like the first first nation wore leather and colourful clothes.

Be ok with your body, it is a gift to you and was made for you especially. So to said hand tailored. Allow other people to see your imperfection, they are too. And if other don’t appreciate you, keep in mind that it’s not rally you who they see, it’s their projection of them. Don’t take these feelings, you are beautiful no matter how you feel.

Every moment is passing and won’t come back,

like getting a tatoo, pain can hurt.

But if you accept your feelings instead of denying them, even pain can be enjoyed.

This may sound masochistic but it is loving you as you are, imperfect.



//James Fool 2017


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